Why should you participate in the Cantemus Festival?

Choirs for choirs! We organise the Cantemus Choral Festival from the perspective of the choir members, based on our own experience in every two years.

International friendships

Since 1996, nearly 150 choirs and more than 6000 singers have performed in Nyíregyháza at our 14 festivals.


In addition to Dénes Szabó, our qualifying concerts have featured names such as Stephen Conoly, Theodora Pavlovitch, Martin Berger and Eugeniusz Kus on the jury.


We attach great importance to getting to know each other's cultures, not only in Europe, but also in all the nations of the world.

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Our team

Most choirs and choirmasters usually highlight the high-standard of organisational aspect of the festival. It is due to the fact that our organisers are also choir members themselves. Therefore their organisational work is combined with a choir oriented philosophy.
Szabó Soma

Soma Szabó

Festival art director
Földesi Ildikó

Ildiko Földesi

Chief Festival Organizer
Szabó Dénes

Dénes Szabó

Director of the Festival
Császár Zoltán

Császár Zoltán

Festival Organizer

What do others say about us?

Take a look at some of our guests who openly expressed their favourable opinion about our festival ...
Uzi Shais

Uzi Shais

Kórusvezető, Izrael

'Cantemus Choral Institute has set an example of highest standard of event organisation and showed us the summit of European choral singing!'

Theodora Pavlovitch

Theodora Pavlovitch

Europa Cantat alelnök

'I was deeply impressed by the creativity and incredible energy of the Cantemus Choir Family. You are a great team! I wish you all the best with organizing your future events.'
Fantasztikus csapatot alkottok együtt…”

Michael Emery

Michael Emery

Poducer of the BBC Radio3

'I spent 5 absolutely heart-warming and inspiring days in Nyíregyháza, I was impressed by the wonderful performances of the choirs and I was deeply touched by the spirit which pervaded the whole institution and thus the festival making it perfect.'


You can find us here:

4400 Nyíregyháza Vay Á. krt. 18.
Kodály Zoltán Általános iskola épülete

Call us:

Ildiko Földesi
Chief Festival Organizer
+36 30 215 2388

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