Besides the concerts we are welcoming the participants with a useful online master course. This will be available here following a registration free of charge.


  • “THE FIRST STEPS” – Singing lessons for primary school pupils in year 1 (3 demonstration lessons of 25 minutes each held by Mária Szilágyiné Botos, a music teacher of the Zoltán Kodály Primary School of Nyíregyháza and the conductor of the Nyitnikék (translated as “the great blue tit”) Children’s Choir will give you an insight into how to introduce pupils to the world of music.)


  • “THE SOUND OF A CHOIR” – A presentation of a rehearsal 
    ( Dénes Szabó, Kossuth-prize awarded conductor, an Artist of the Nation presents the viewers with the possible musical destination with the help of the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir. The viewers will be taken to the place where the most difficult choral pieces are performed and interpreted with ease.)


  • “THROUGH THE EYES OF THE COMPOSER” – A conversation with contemporary composers (Viewers may follow a conversation with contemporary Hungarian composers in this programme. Soma Szabó, Liszt-prize awarded conductor of the Cantemus Mixed Choir will guide the audience through the world of composers Levente Gyöngyösi and Péter Tóth in an informal and professional manner.)

    • Gyöngyösi Levente

    • Tóth Péter

  • “THROUGH THE EYES OF A PERFORMER” – Musical analysis
    (The thoughts and guidance of three excellent conductors about the world of choral music. You can watch conductors Soma Szabó’s (Hungary), Aarne Saluveer’s (Estonia) and Gary Graden’s (Sweden) presentations on the internet.) 

    • A sample of the repertoire of contemporary choral music – Soma Szabó’s presentation

    • Finno-Ugric music – Aarne Saluver’s presentation  

    • Gary Graden’s presentation 

  • “MAESTRO” – A course for conductors
    ( Dénes Szabó, Kossuth-prize awarded conductor, an Artist of the Nation provides conductors with practical and theoretical advice through some musical pieces by Lajos Bárdos, Miklós Kocsár and Béla Bartók. It’s a must-see! Not only for conductors!)  

    • Bárdos Lajos: Cantemus

    • Kocsár Miklós: O vos Omnes

    • Bartók Béla: Jószág-igéző (Enchanting song)

  • “MUSIC SCORE WITH A SOUND” – choral pieces with images of the music score
    (Four brilliant pieces from the repertoire of the Hungarian choral music performed by the Cantemus Mixed Choir, the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir and the Cantemus Children’s Choir.)

    • Kodály Zoltán: Jézus és a kufárok (Jesus and the traders)

    • Gyöngyösi Levente: Vulnerasti cor meum

    • Kocsár Miklós: Libera me

    • Orbán György: Lauda Sion

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