• Application forms can be downloaded from our website The information and other material requested by the artistic comittee to be submitted with the application can be e-mailed to
  • Please submit with your application:
    Information about the choir in English (maximum of 300 words please)
    – 2 high resolution pictures of the choir and a picture of the conductor
    – A recent recording (CD or DVD) of the choir of approximately 10 minutes duration (this can be sent to us electronically in MP3 format)
  • A proposed 12 minute competition programme and copies of the music if the
    choir wants to enter the qualifying competition including a free choice piece by Zoltán Kodály. Competition programmes can be amended until the 31st May 2020 which is also the closing date for the submission of the music scores.
  • The Artistic Comittee will select choirs to participate based on the artistic quality represented by the submitted recordings. Choirs will be notified of the Artistic Comittee’s decision by post by 17th February 2020.
  • The Festival organisers may ask choirs to perform in churches and other venues in
    the vicinity of Nyíregyháza as part of the Festival. To prepare for this choirs must have a 20 minute programme of church music in their repertoire (this may include a capella and accompanied pieces).
  • Choirs also need a cheerful, lighter programme for entertainment (10-15 minutes), part of which should represent their country’s folk tradition. These programmes are intended for the Folklore Night and the Gala Concert.
  • Learning the pieces chosen by the Artistic Committe for joint singing is compulsory and needs to be done before arrival at the Festival.
  • The choir agrees to the conditions of the festival which allow for recordings and broadcasts in sound and television as well as any other sound or visual recordings
    (and any copies thereof ) to be made in connection with the Festival. By accepting these conditions the choir surrenders all rights resulting from such recordings to the Festival organizers. Choirs are not allowed to charge fees for any of their performances or the use of any recordings made of them during the Festival.
  • Choirs will need to make their own travel arrangements and pay for all the travel costs to and from the Festival.
  • Food and accomodation will be provided starting with dinner on 16th August 2020 and finishing with breakfast on 21st August.
  • Participation fees – 250 € per person for all singers, conductors and accompanying adults must be paid via bank transfer by 31st May 2020 to the following account (The participation fee includes food and accomodation for the whole duration of the Festival and access to all of the Festival programmes.)


Iban: HU41 5045 3104 1002 5286 0000 0000 Swift Code: MKKBHUHB

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