The 15th Cantemus International Choir Festival

We are thrilled to welcome our guest children’s, youth and adult choirs to the 15th Cantemus International Choral Festival in Nyíregyháza.

You have the opportunity to take part in a more than 20-year-old, well-organized choral festival, in a high-standard, imposing competition and last but not least you may listen to excellent concerts and make new friends during the festival. You may present your own country’s culture, visit the town of Nyíregyháza and enjoy the beauties of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. Besides this all, the conductors may take part in a valuable, professional master course, where you may get an insight into the work of the choirs of the Cantemus Choral Institute of Nyíregyháza!

The Cantemus Choir and the Zoltán Kodály Primary School look forward to receiving the applications of potential participants.

Briefly about the festival:

  • Opening concert by the Cantemus choral family to welcome the participating choirs
  • Folklore night on the main square of the town
  • Qualifying competition to win the Festival Grand Prix, the Audience Award and other prizes awarded by the international judges
  • Concerts in some of the most beautiful churches of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county
  • Grandiose Gala Concert at the sports hall of the town
  • Traditional Hungarian folk dance party after the Gala Concert
  • Conducting mastercourse by Dénes Szabó featuring the Cantemus Children’s Choir and the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir

Applications for the mastercourse are open based on the separately detailed conditions.

The detailed programme of the festival will be announced after the participants have been selected.

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