Why should you participate in the Cantemus Festival?

Choirs for choirs! We organise the Cantemus Choral Festival from the perspective of the choir members, based on our own experience in every two years.

International friendships

The events during the festival provide the choirs and their choirmasters with wonderful opportunities to meet one another and make friends for a long time.


The participating choirs have the opportunity to apply for our qualifying competition, if they choose to do so. A board of international judges will evaluate the competing choirs.


Each participating choir will have the chance to present their own national traditions in the form of an open-air concert in the centre of Nyíregyháza creating a special atmosphere for the local public.

What do others say about us?

Take a look at some of our guests who openly expressed their favourable opinion about our festival ...
Theodora Pavlovitch

Theodora Pavlovitch

Deputy President of the European Cantat Festival

'I was deeply impressed by the creativity and incredible energy of the Cantemus Choir Family. You are a great team! I wish you all the best with organizing your future events.'

Uzi Shaysh

Uzi Shaysh


'Cantemus Choral Institute has set an example of highest standard of event organisation and showed us the summit of European choral singing!'

Michael Emery

Michael Emery

Poducer of the BBC Radio3

'I spent 5 absolutely heart-warming and inspiring days in Nyíregyháza, I was impressed by the wonderful performances of the choirs and I was deeply touched by the spirit which pervaded the whole institution and thus the festival making it perfect.'



The conducting mastercourse – led by Hungarian and international award winning conductor Dénes Szabó - offers choirmasters an opportunity to gain an insight into the secrets of choral conducting. During the course ... Read more…

The Festival

We are thrilled to welcome our guest children’s, youth and adult choirs to the 14th Cantemus International Choral Festival in Nyíregyháza. You have the opportunity to take part in a more than 26-year-old... Read more…

How may we help?

Most choirs and choirmasters usually highlight the high-standard of organisational aspect of the festival. It is due to the fact that our organisers are also choir members themselves. Therefore their organisational work is combined with a choir oriented philosophy.
Szabó Dénes

Dénes Szabó

Festival Director

I am responsible for the quality of the festival.

Szabó Soma

Soma Szabo

Festival art director

If you should be uncertain about any professional matters and need help, I’m more than happy to assist you.

Földesi Ildikó

Ildiko Földesi

Chief Festival Organizer

Feel free to ask me any kind of questions about the festival. You can be sure to receive an answer.

Magyar Péter

Denes Szabo

Festival Organizer

You may receive answers to any questions concerning the master course from me. Please do not hesitate to contact me.



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Chief Festival Organizer
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