Conducting Mastercourse

Dénes Szabó


Dénes Szabó (1947-) is an outstanding figure of Hungarian and international choral life.
He studied music in Miskolc and Budapest.

He founded the Cantemus Children’s Choir in 1975 which has grown into an independent organization since with the inclusion of two other international standard choirs, the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir and the Cantemus Adult Mixed Choir. The Cantemus Choral Institute has been working with Dénes Szabó as the director since 2003.

Dénes Szabó is a highly sought after lecturer at international choir festivals, mastercourses and conferences (USA, Slovenia, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Spain and Hungary)and he has been a member of several judging panels at international choir competitions (Budapest, Debrecen, Neerpelt, Tokyo, Bremen Choir Olympics, Celje).


Several recordings have preserved the performances of the two choirs he leads including radio and TV recordings, CDs and a DVD.

To acknowledge his artistic achievements in choral conducting and his devoted work in music education he received the Liszt Ferenc prize in 1985, the Bartók Béla-Pásztory Ditta prize in 1993, the Kossuth prize and the Hungarian Cultural Heritage prize – both in 2004, in 2014 he was awarded the title of Artist of the Nation, IFCM Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, the Order of Gold and Silver Rays of the Rising Sun in 2017, and the KÓTA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.


The conducting mastercourse – led by Hungarian and international award winning conductor Dénes Szabó – offers choirmasters an opportunity to gain an insight into
the secrets of choral conducting. During the course of the week both student and practising choral conductors will be able to gain useful experience and tips both on choral conducting technique and performance. The course will culminate in the closing concert of the Cantemus Children’s Choir and the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir conducted by the participant conductors. Participants of the conducting mastercourse will also have the opportunity to attend all the events of the 13th Cantemus International Choral Festival running at the same time. Access to the festival events is included in the participation fee.



The course is open to active participants and observers as well.*


The participation fee includes food and accomodation at youth hostels from dinner 15 August to breakfast 22 August and is payable to

Swift Code: OTPHUHB
OTP Bank Nyrt.



by the closing date for application 31st May 2020.



*Note: If you wish to take part in the Cantemus Festival with your choir we advise you not to participate in the conducting mastercourse at the same time because the two events will have clashes in the programmes.


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